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Empowering and giving hope to individuals and families affected by facial differences

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Qualified Centers/Physicians

To ensure comprehensive, quality, medical care, CCA provides this list of craniofacial plastic reconstructive surgeons who are members of the International Society of Craniofacial Surgery. CCA recognizes there are additional qualified craniofacial teams. The American Society of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons can provide a list of additional plastic surgeons.


Patients receiving Medicaid, Medicare or other state or federal insurance, must check with the physician's office to confirm coverage before making appointments.


States with gray bars do not currently have surgeons who are members of the ISCS.

  • Alabama

    Physician John H. Grant, II MD

    Address 1600 7th Avenue South

    Suite ACC 322

    Birmingham, AL  35233

    Phone 205-939-5323

  • Alaska

  • Arizona

    Physician Stephen P Beals MD

    Facility Southwest Craniofacial Ctr.

    Address 500 W. Thomas Rd.

    Suite 960

    Phoenix, AZ  85013

    Phone 602-266-9066


    Physician Edward F Joganic MD

    Address 500 West Thomas

    Suite 960

    Phoenix, AZ  85013

    Phone 602-266-9066


    Physician Davinder Singh MD

    Address 2500 W. Thomas Rd

    Suite 960

    Phoenix, AZ 85031

    Phone 602-266-9066

  • Arkansas

  • California

    Physician Michael G. Cedars MD

    Address 3300 Webster Street, Suite 1106

    Oakland, CA  94609

    Phone 510-763-2662


    Physician Steven R Cohen MD

    Address 8010 Frost St.

    Suite 412

    San Diego, CA  92123

    Phone 858-292-1075


    Physician Bruce J Dubin MD

    Address 1401 Avocado Avenue

    Suite 501

    Newport Beach, CA  92660

    Phone 949-640-4911


    Physician Robert Hardesty MD

    Facility Loma Linda Univ.

    Address 11370 Anderson

    Suite 2100

    Loma Linda, CA  92354

    Phone 909-558-2406


    Physician William Y. Hoffman MD

    Address 350 Parnassus, Suite 509

    San Francisco, CA  94117

    Phone 415-353-4287


    Physician Robert Menard MD

    Facility Northern California Kaiser Permanente

    Address Pediatric Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery

    710 Lawrence Expressway

    Santa Clara, CA  95051

    Phone 408-851-2303


    Physician Stephen A Schendel MD

    Facility Division of Plastic Surgery

    Address Hoover Pavilion - NC104

    Stanford University Medical Center

    Stanford, CA  94305

    Phone 650-723-5824


    Physician Thomas J. Sergott MD

    Address 11828 Bernardo Plaza Court

    San Diego, CA  92128

    Phone 858-451-6005


    Physician Michael J. Sundine MD

    Address 1401 Avocado Avenue, Suite 501

    Newport Beach, CA  92660

    Phone 949-706-3100


    Physician Peter P. Suri MD

    Facility Children’s Hospital of Oakland

    Address Pediatric Neurosurgery

    744 52nd Street

    Oakland, CA  94609

    Phone 510-428-3319


    Physician Bryant Toth MD

    Address 2100 Webster Street

    Suite 424

    San Francisco, CA  94114

    Phone 415-923-3008

  • Colorado

    Physician Lawrence Ketch MD

    Facility The Children’s Hospital of Denver

    Address 1056 East 19th Avenue, B-467

    Denver, CO  80218

    Phone 303-837-3880


    Physician Ken R. Winston MD

    Facility The Children’s Hospital of Denver

    Address 1056 East 19th Avenue, B-330

    Denver, CO  80218

    Phone 303-837-6100

  • Connecticut

    Physician John Persing MD

    Facility Pediatric Specialty Center

    Address One Long Wharf, 2nd floor

    New Haven, CT  06520

    Phone 203-785-2049


    Physician Derek Steinbacher DMD, MD

    Facility Pediatric Specialty Center

    Address One Long Wharf, 2nd floor

    New Haven, CT  06520

    Phone 203-737-2049

  • Delaware

  • Florida

    Physician Gene A. Balis MD

    Address 3000 E. Fletcher Avenue, Suite 340

    Tampa, FL  33613

    Phone 813-977-3776


    Physician Mutaz Habal MD

    Address 205 W. Martin Luther K Jr. Ave.

    Tampa, FL  33603-3301

    Phone 813-238-0409


    Physician Ernesto J. Ruas MD

    Facility All Children’s Hospital

    Address 603 South Blvd

    University of South Florida

    Tampa, FL  33606

    Phone 813-259-1550


    Physician Drew E. Schnitt MD

    Address 2875 NE 191st Street

    Turnberry Plaza, Suite 303

    Aventura, FL  33180

    Phone 888-352-3627


    Physician Kevin E. Shaw MD

    Address 899 Meadows Road, #301

    Boca Raton, FL  33486

    Phone 561-338-3637


    Physician Anthony S Wolfe MD

    Address 1444 NW 14th Ave.

    Miami, FL  33125

    Phone 305-325-1441

  • Georgia

    Physician Fernando Burstein MD

    Facility  Pediatric Plastic Surgery & Craniofacial Associates

    Address  975 Johnson Ferry Road

    Suite 100

    Atlanta, GA  30342

    Phone 404-256-1311


    Physician Fernando Burstein MD

    Address 3300 Old Melton Pkwy

    Alpharetta, GA 30005

    Phone 770-663-4644


    Physician Jack C Yu MD

    Facility Medical College of Georgia

    Address Department of Plastic Surgery

    HB 5040 | 1467 Harper St

    Augusta, GA  30912

    Phone 706-721-6945

  • Hawaii

  • Idaho

  • Illinois

    Physician Bruce Bauer MD

    Address 2300 Children's Plaza

    Chicago, IL  60614

    Phone 773-880-4094


    Physician McKay McKinnon MD

    Address 680 North Lake Shore Drive

    Suite 1208

    Chicago, IL  60611

    Phone 312-335-9566


    Physician Dr. John W. Polley MD

    Address Professional Bldg #1

    Suite 425

    1725 West Harrison

    Chicago, IL  60612

    Phone 312-563-3000

  • Indiana

    Physician Michael A Sadove MD

    Facility St. Vincent

    Address 170 W. 106th St.

    Indianapolis, IN  46290

    Phone 317-575-0330

  • Iowa

  • Kansas

  • Kentucky

    Physician Henry C Vasconez MD

    Facility Division of Plastic Surgery

    Address University of Kentucky

    Kentucky Clinic, K-454

    Lexington, KY  40536

    Phone 859-323-5887

  • Louisiana

  • Maine

  • Maryland

    Physician Craig Vander Kolk MD

    Address 227 St Paul Place

    Baltimore, MD  21202

    Phone 410-332-9700


    Physician Paul Manson MD

    Facility Johns Hopkins Hospital

    Address 8th Floor

    601 N. Carolina St.

    Baltimore, MD  21287

    Phone 410-955-6897


    Physician Jeffery Posnick MD

    Address 5530 Wisconsin Ave.

    Suite 1250

    Chevy Chase, MD  20815

    Phone 301-986-9475


    Physician Eduardo D. Rodriguez MD

    Address 22 South Greene Street

    Room T6R59

    Baltimore, MD  21201

    Phone 410-328-3058

  • Massachusetts

    Physician Paul D. Edwards MD

    Address 51 Blossom Street

    Boston, MA  02114

    Phone 781-397-9662


    Physician John G. Meara MD, DMD, FRACS

    Facility Department of Plastic Surgery

    Children’s Hospital Boston

    Address 300 Longwood Ave.

    Boston, MA  02115

    Phone 617-355-4401


    Physician John B Mulliken MD

    Facility Children's Hospital of Boston

    Address 300 Longwood Avenue

    Boston, MA  02115

    Phone 617-355-7686


    Physician Professor Michael J. Yaremchuk MD

    Facility Mass. General Hospital

    Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery


    Address 15 Parkman St

    Boston, MA  02114-3117

    Phone 617-726-5280

  • Michigan

    Physician Steven R Buchman MD

    Address 1500 E. Medical Center Drive

    F7859 Mott Hospital

    Ann Arbor, MI  48109-1029

    Phone 734-763-8063


    Physician Rick J. Smith MD

    Address 2900 Hannah Blvd., Suite 102

    East Lansing, MI  48823

    Phone 517-364-8187


    Physician Jeffrey Topf MD

    Address 6177 Orchard Lake Road, Ste 100

    West Bloomfield, MI 48322

    Phone 248-855-2006

    Fax 248-855-0571

  • Minnesota

    Physician Richard Marsh MD

    Facility Mayo Clinic

    Address 200 First Street S.W.

    Rochester, MN  55905

    Phone 507-284-8167

  • Mississippi

    Physician Michael F. Angel MD

    Facility University of Mississippi Med

    Center School of Med,

    Department of Plastic Surgery

    Address 2500 N State

    Jackson, MS  39216-4505

    Phone 601-984-5180

  • Missouri

    Physician Jeffery L Marsh MD

    Facility St. John’s Mercy Medical Center

    Address 621 S New Ballas Rd #260A

    Creve Coeur, MO  63141

    Phone 314-251-4772


    Physician Virender K Singhai MD

    Facility Children's Mercy Hospital

    Address 2401 Gilham Road

    Kansas City, MO  64108

    Phone 816-234-1625

  • Montana

  • Nebraska

  • Nevada

  • New Hampshire

  • New Jersey

  • New Mexico

  • New York

    Physician Burt Greenberg MD

    Facility Long Island CF Center

    Address 833 Northern Blvd, #230

    Great Neck, NY  11021

    Phone 515-466-6600


    Physician Lawrence P. Kerr MD

    Address 27 Park Avenue

    Binghamton, NY  13850

    Phone 607-772-6266


    Physician Stephen Warren MD

    Facility NYU Medical Center

    Address 875 Park Avenue

    New York, NY  10075

    Phone 212-447-6229


  • North Carolina

    Physician Louis C Argenta MD

    Facility Bowman Gray School of Medicine

    Address 300 South Hawthorne Rd.

    Winston-Salem, NC  27103

    Phone 336-716-4171


    Physician Lisa R David MD

    Facility Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

    Wake Forest University

    Address Medical Center Blvd.

    Winston Salem, NC  27157-1075

    Phone 336-716-2992


    Physician Jeffrey R. Marcus MD

    Address Duke University Medical Center

    DUMC 3974

    Durham, NC 27710

    Phone 919-668-3110


    Physician David C. Matthews MD

    Address 2300 Randolph Road, Suite A

    Charlotte, NC  28207

    Phone 704-375-2955


    Physician Wolfgang Losken MD

    Address 515 Potomac Grove Place

    Cary, NC  27519

    Phone 919-466-8866

  • North Dakota

  • Ohio

    Physician Jeffery A Goldstein MD

    Facility Craniofacial Center

    Address RBC Hospital

    11100 Eucild Avenue

    Cleveland, OH  44106

    Phone 216-844-4800


    Physician Christopher Gordon MD

    Facility Pediatric Plastic & Craniofacial Surgery

    Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

    Address 3333 Burnet Ave

    MLC #2020

    Cincinnati, OH  45229-3039

    Phone 513-636-7770


    Physician James A. Lehman, Jr. MD

    Address 300 Locust Street, Suite 590

    Akron, OH  44302

    Phone 330-253-9161


    Physician Francis A Papay MD

    Facility Department of Plastic Surgery

    Address Cleveland Clinic Foundation

    9500 Euclid Avenue | Desk A60

    Cleveland, OH  44145

    Phone 216-444-6905


    Physician James E. Zins MD

    Facility Cleveland Clinic Foundation

    Address 9500 Euclid Avenue

    Desk A60

    Cleveland, OH  44195

  • Oklahoma

    Physician: Christian El Amm, MD

    Facility: OU Cleft & Craniofacial Team

    The Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Center

    Address: 1200 Children’s Ave, Suite 2700

    Oklahoma City, OK 73104

    Phone: 405-271-5228



  • Oregon

  • Pennsylvania

    Physician Scott Bartlet MD

    Facility Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

    Address Penn Tower, 10th Floor

    3400 Spruce Street

    Philadelphia, PA  19104

    Phone 215-590-2208


    Physician William Potsic MD

    Facility Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

    Address 34th Street & Civic Center Blvd.

    Philadelphia, PA  19104-4399

    Phone 215-590-3450


    Physician Leslie N. Sutton MD

    Facility Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

    Address 34th & Civic Center Blvd.

    Philadelphia, PA  19104

    Phone 800-879-2467


    Physician Jesse Taylor MD

    Facility Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

    Address 10 Penn Tower

    3400 Spruce Street

    Philadelphia, PA  19104

    Phone 215-590-2208

  • Rhode Island

    Physician Patrick Sullivan MD

    Address 235 Plain Street

    Suite 502

    Providence, RI  02905

    Phone 401-831-5850

  • South Carolina

  • South Dakota

    Physician David Witzke MD

    Address 911 East 10th Street, Suite 602

    Sioux Falls, SD  57105

    Phone 605-335-3349

  • Tennessee

    Physician Joseph B. DeLozier MD

    Address 209 23rd Avenue North

    Nashville, TN  37203

    Phone 615-565-9000


    Physician Larry A Sargent MD

    Address Suite 901

    979 East 3rd Street

    Chattanooga, TN  37403

    Phone 423-756-7134

  • Texas

    Physician Carlos Barcelo MD

    Facility Forest Park Medical Center

    Address 11970 N. Central Expressway, Ste 270

    Dallas, TX  75243

    Phone 972-331-1900  800-344-4068


    Physician Constance Barone MD

    Facility University of Texas Health Science Center

    San Antonio Division of Plastic Surgery

    Address 7703 Floyd Curl Drive, MSC 7844

    San Antonio, TX  78229

    Phone 210-567-6989


    Physician Evan Beale MD

    Facility Forest Park Medical Center

    Address 11970 N. Central Expressway, Ste 270

    Dallas, TX  75243

    Phone 972-331-1900  800-344-4068


    Physician Christopher Derderian MD

    Facility Children's Medical Center - Dallas

    Address 1935 Medical District Drive

    Dallas, TX  75235

    Phone 877-445-1234


    Physician Jeffery Fearon MD

    Facility Medical City Children’s Hospital

    Address 7777 Forest Lane


    Dallas, TX  75230

    Phone # 972-566-6464


    Physician David Genecov MD

    Facility Forest Park Medical Center Dallas

    Address 11970 N. Central Expressway, Ste 270

    Dallas, TX  75243

    Phone 972-331-1900   800-344-4068


    Physician Larry Hollier MD

    Facility Clinical Care Centre

    Address 6621 Fannin MC620.10

    Houston, TX  77030

    Phone 832-822-3190


    Physician Eric H. Hubli MD

    Facility Cook Children’s Hospital

    Address 1500 Cooper St.

    Fort Worth, TX  76104

    Phone 682-885-7770


    Physician Alex Kane MD

    Facility Children's Medical Center - Dallas

    Address 1935 Medical District Drive

    Dallas, TX  75235

    Phone 877-445-1234

  • Utah

    Physician Louis J Morales MD

    Address 5089 South 900 East

    Suite 100

    Salt Lake City, UT  84117

    Phone 801-743-0700

  • Vermont

  • Virginia

    Physician Craig Dufresne MD

    Address 8505 Arlington Blvd

    Suite 100

    Fairfax, VA 22031

    Phone 703-970-2690

    Fax 703-970-2620


    Physician Jennifer Rhodes MD

    Facility VCU Center for Craniofacial Care

    Address PO Box 980154

    Richmond, VA  23225

    Phone 804-828-3042

  • Washington

    Physician Mather M. Anous MD

    Facility La Providence Surgery Clinic

    Address 5726 Lake Washington Blvd.

    Kirkland, WA  98033

    Phone 429-976-8120


    Physician Richard Hopper MD

    Facility Children’s Hospital & Regional Medical Center


    Craniofacial Center

    Address 4800 Sand Point Way NE

    Seattle, WA  98105

    Phone 206-987-6504


    Physician Joseph Gruss MD

    Facility Children's Medical Center

    Address 4800 Sand Point Way, NE

    P.O. Box 5371

    Seattle, WA  98105-0371

    Phone 206-987-2039

  • West Virginia

  • Wisconsin

    Physician Arlen D Denney MD

    Address 9000 West Wisconsin Avenue

    Milwaukee, WI  53226

    Phone 414-266-2825

  • Wyoming

13140 Coit Road • Suite 517 • Dallas, TX 75240  |  Toll-free 800.535.3643 • Phone 214.570.9099 • Fax 214.570.8811  |  Email

Children's Craniofacial Association
is a national, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. CCA's mission is to empower and give hope to individuals and families affected by facial differences. Nationally and internationally, CCA addresses the medical, financial, psychosocial, emotional, and educational concerns relating to craniofacial conditions.

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